Green Roof – Solar


Bioroof Biomodule Green Roof Bed & Photovoltaic Array Photovoltaic Racking Assembly
Shadow Study Material Assembly Elevation


Experimental Design Instrumentation Elevation Thermocouple Layout
Radiation Shield & Thermocouple Geneq Inc Tipping Counter V2A Apogee SP110 Pyronometer
Decagon MPS6 Soil Moisture Sensor Decagon DS2 Anemometer Timed Irrigation System

Photovoltaic Array (GR - PV) Research

Integrating PV and green roofs reduces environmental impacts by simultaneously providing renewable energy, evaporative cooling, and stormwater retention on building rooftops.

In Phase II, two different PV module heights (2, 4ft) will be tested above two roofing surfaces (white & green) for optimal PV performance, exposure to wind, practicality of installation and maintenance, and effect of shading of plants.