Green Roof Bed Layers Vydro Detail Drainage Board Detail
Green Roof Bed Layers Green Roof Bed Exploded Axo Green Roof Bed Media Detail
Green Roof Bed Construction Green Roof Step By Step I Green Roof Step By Step II


Mast and Sensors Sensor Distribution Sensor Routes
Local Irrigation System Irrometer Irrometer CAD
TB6 Rain Gauge TB6 Rain Gauge CAD SI-111 Precision Infrared Radiometer
107-L Temperature Probe Decagon 5TE

Green Roof (GR) Research

gritlab is evaluating the City of Toronto's Green Roof Construction Standard with respect to four performance criteria: 1) Stormwater Retention, 2) Evaporative Cooling,
3) Biodiversity, 4) Life Cycle Cost.

33 test beds compare four parameters: 1) Growing Media Type (FLL/organic), 2) Depth (4"/6"), 3) Vegetation (sedum/biodiverse), Irrigation (none/timer/moisture sensor).